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When you’re sourcing bespoke natural stone work for prestige and luxury architectural and landscaping projects, you need complete trust in its quality, consistency and availability. Global Stone Works gives you that certainty.

Our in-depth knowledge of sourcing best-in-class natural stone from around the world, crafting it to the highest standards and transporting it with the utmost care, ensures you’ll always have unique highest quality stonework when and where you need it.

Whatever your vision, your dreams, your plans, Global Stone Works makes them a reality in the finest natural stone.


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Understanding your needs, personal preferences and the full creative scope of your project is vital in arriving at the right kind of ideas and design concepts to meet your aspirations in bespoke natural stone.

Through a process of brainstorming, free association and 3D pencil sketching, Global Stone Works begins to visualise your ideas, turning them into defined shapes and forms for further development and refining.


Clay modelling

When it comes to more detailed and ornate bespoke natural stone carvings, clay modeling has an important role to play. Just like in automotive design, clay modelling remains a key part of the Global Stone Works design flow.

Despite the capabilities of digital modelling, sometimes only a scale or full size clay model can reveal how different surfaces interact together, how natural light is captured and reflected, how bespoke natural stonework is really going to look.



Our manufacturing partners are some of the finest natural stone suppliers and stone masons in the world, and they’ve worked with us for a very long time. We’ve visited them, we’ve vetted them – they’re fully approved Global Stone Works partners.

We know what their manufacturing capabilities are, and they understand the stringent quality and service we demand for you, our client. Crafting by hand, machining using the latest cutting and carving technology, natural stone work manufacturing at its very best.


Stone carving

The application of modern carving and cutting techniques to complement the ancient craft of stone masonry has meant a quantum leap forward in the quality and availability of bespoke natural stone carvings.

For prestige and luxury architectural and landscaping developments, the quality of stone carving Global Stone Works can bring you is simply breathtaking. The beautiful, the exquisite, the timeless – they really are possible.


Architectural stonework

The best private residences demand the finest bespoke architectural stone. Global Stone Works brings you the unique stone work you need to create truly timeless architecture, and a lifetime of enjoyment.

In limestone, marble or sandstone, classic or contemporary design decorative or minimalist – the choice is yours.

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For the best private residences, Global Stone Works meets bespoke hardscaping stone requirements with the quality, care and attention they rightly deserve.

From balustrades to benches, planters to pool sides, from steps to setts, wall caps to water fountains, every kind of beautiful, high quality natural stone product for your very finest and most timeless landscaping projects.



Stone selection

Our world-wide reach and hands-on experience of the stone working industries of Europe, the Americas and Asia ensures you have unlimited access to the world’s best selection of natural stone.

Global Stone Works sources the exact stone you want for your project, in the colour you want, the finish you want. Marble, limestone, sandstone - all types of the highest quality natural stone – direct from the world’s finest quarries.



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